Monday, 6 September 2010

Customzie the blogspot title widget

Blog title is the place should contains most value description about your blog. With the blogspot title widget, did you try to push as many as possible keywords to the title? Keyword in title is quite important to make your higher ranking in search engines, the problem is if you put there many words, your bad title displayed, one example is: you wish to include a keyword and some relevant keywords into blog title but you only wish to display one main keyword. Do it as follow:

0. Remember to back up your template. :)
1. Login to your blog admin page, Go to Design as usual and open the 'Page Elements' view, change your blog title with many words you like as normal, Save it.
2. Now change to tab 'HTML View' and check the 'Expand Widget Templates' check box. Search the following text to find out your title widget code: b:widget id='Header1'. And then replace the script '<b:include name='title' />' with your actual title text you want to display on your blog.

3. Now View the blog, you see that the browser title will display different with your blog title, and you will see that the search engine index your real title ( not your displayed title ), that's nice :)