Friday, 14 March 2008

Add Digg button to blog post

The idea add Digg button to every blog post is very brilliant, isn't it? So, the change that your post to be digg is higher ( as your blog promotion ;) does ).

With blogger, it's very easy to have one same as below :

First, go to your blogspot layout tab and click EditHTML,

check Expand Widget Templates and remember save a copy of your temple ( for safe ) by click Download Full Template.
Then find the phrase below by press Ctrl+F:

Your found like this :

Just copy the script below and paste above the line we found:

Happy harvest exp ;).


Mohammad Aamir said...

I can't find post.body in my Blogger's blog. will you please tell me the reason?

Anonymous said...

Yeh..i am also facing the same problem as aamir..
can't find post.body
plz help

Web Design said...

Un articol foarte interesant. De asemenea si blogul este frumos si am gasit o groaza de lucruri interesante. Merita sa-l adaug in bookmark. Tine-o tot asa si te voi vizita in fiecare zi. :)

Abdur Rakib said...

You must Expand Widget Templatesto find post.body

A2Z Hollywood Movies said...

That's a great knowledge...